The objective of NDE (Non- Destructive Examinations) is to detect discontinuities, flaws and other defects in
a structure or component, not normally detectable by naked-eye, in such a manner that the test does not harm
the material in any way.

We can safely affirm to be the one and only company worldwide able to offer a complete range of NDE techniques specific to the Yachting Industry, all ‘under one roof’. Our portfolio of solutions grants us a unique status that allows us to offer the most suitable NDE technique for the problem at hand rather than "bending" a technique to suit a problem. Moreover, our full range of NDE techniques allows us to confirm flaws by cross-referencing findings employing different techniques.

Our examinations are carried out not by generalist NDE Technicians but by a team of specialist Marine Surveyors / Engineers holding NDE qualifications and with in-depth knowledge of marine structures & systems. Although based in Palma de Mallorca (Spain) our services are offered worldwide.

Our range of services includes both Advanced NDE and Conventional NDE techniques which can be
extremely valuable in a wide spectrum of applications such as:

  • Quality Assurance - during production
  • Condition Monitoring - during service life
  • Condition Evaluation – during Pre- Purchase Surveys
  • Damage Assessment – after accident or failure has occurred
  • Repair Documentation – certification of structural / critical repairs

Our advanced technology solutions allow our clients to make informed decisions and / or avoid costly


The choice of a non-destructive technique is not always easy and depends on several parameters:

type of material, thickness, geometry, type of researched defects, accessibility of the structure,

surface, time and cost, etc. The solution is generally a trade-off or the combination of several methods.

For a more in-depth explanation please see the following “Case Studies


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